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David Scammell

Chairman of Greens, Sandy Lodge Golf Club

Sandy Lodge engaged Greg Evans Golf Course Solutions in December 2016. Since then, as Chair of Greens, it has been my pleasure to work closely with Greg.

The professionalism, enthusiasm and integrity that Greg brings to the table, is in my 20 years of committee experience, exceptional.

For those who have heard bad things about Greg and his methodology I can say that as a horticulturist for 39 years of my business life, I have seen no strange work practices or extravagant demands on our budget!

Greg simply believes in working with the dominant grass that your course by its geology and location is blessed with and making that species perform to its best.

As a very good golfer Greg’s passion is for great playing surfaces and his pursuit of these in just one year, has been amazing to see. Greg has used his team building skills to motivate our greens team and they are enjoying the praise of our members and visitors alike.

It is obvious that I cannot speak highly enough of Greg.

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