If you want someone with passion, vision and serious attention to detail, who will help you
to deliver exquisite surfaces at an affordable budget - look no further than Greg Evans.
He is a true pioneer in our industry.


Our Mission: To Provide First Class Playing Surfaces


Previously wasteland, now an elegant chipping green. Originally, the land was a mixture of trees and scrub, but Ealing Golf Club wanted to turn this area in to a practice facility for their members. Greg managed the project and, along with the designer, began work creating this new space.

One key requirement was that this new green needed to have the same playing characteristics as the older, more established main greens out on the course. To achieve this, Greg firstly reduced the rootzone layer from the traditional 300mm to 250mm, allowing moisture to sit in the rootzone, next, Poa ‘cores’ were transplanted in from the main greens. This ensured that the grass was exactly the same. It worked so well that the green was in play after just 12 weeks.



Bunkers are integral to a golf course’s character. They not only create hazards and encourage strategic play but, when designed correctly they enhance the landscaping of the course. Too often we see bunkers with poor shaping, but with a careful eye and the skill of an experienced designer they can be a great asset to any course. 

Greg Evans project manages bunker constructions and renovations, and if work is completed in-house you can have great bunkers at a competitive price.


Whilst Course Manager at Ealing Golf Club, Greg project managed a complete overhaul of the course drainage. The site is over 120 years old and sits on the London clay basin so moving water away from the course is a priority.


With the backing of the board, Ealing implemented a five-year plan to renew the drainage system. Greg designed the new system incorporating primary and secondary drainage with piping and gravel bands and managed the works. 

Greenstaff are now given priority on the course each October, enabling them to focus on the drainage in a given area before winter sets in. 

DJI_0004 2.JPG


Greg's experience with improving irrigation systems ranges from completing system audits to overseeing the installation of completely new systems. Greg managed the renewal of Bush Hill Park's original irrigation system, providing an impartial link between the club and course designer/contractor freeing up the Course Manager and allowing the Greenkeeping team to focus on the day to day course maintenance.