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Our Mission: To Provide First Class Playing Surfaces

In December 2014 the newly formed Management Board at Fulwell Golf Club in Twickenham commissioned Greg to complete a full agronomy audit of the greens. A detailed survey took place, with Greg identifying several areas needing improvement. Many clubs tend to focus on their long-term issues to the detriment of the immediate playability which is so important to a club’s business plan. With that in mind, the audit provided short-term goals, which allowed the greens’ surfaces to perform at their maximum potential on a daily basis, whilst simultaneously tackling longer-term agronomic issues.

Greg’s role at Fulwell has evolved in the seven years that he’s been associated with the club. He is now engaged on a long-term management agreement and oversees the golf course maintenance department. Greg was also involved with the recruitment process to employ a new Head Greenkeeper and continues to work with him and the rest of the greenkeeping team to improve the playing surfaces at Fulwell. 

Feedback has been consistently positive, with the club implementing a long-term course improvement strategy. Phase 3 of the bunker reconstruction programme has been completed and the tees' renovation programme is ongoing. Within his role at the club as ‘Head of Golf Course Development’ Greg oversees the work on behalf of The Management Board, liaising between the clubs architect and contractor.


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