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Course Maintenance

Under the management agreement, Greg undertakes the agronomy and management side of the maintenance department setting the yearly, weekly and daily maintenance programme whilst working in tandem with the greenkeeping team. Putting in place the right plan allows the course to meet the requirements of the members and visitors whilst up-skilling the greenkeeping staff so that these goals are more easily reached and maintained for the future.


Staff Training

It is a proven fact that for any successful business to flourish, well trained and motivated staff need to a priority. We give your staff training and additionally advise on how to structure a pay scale with rewards and incentives. All of this can help you to achieve a lower rate of staff turnover, increased work productivity and improved quality of work, resulting in a smoothly run golf club.


To have financial control of any business, a thoroughly planned budget is vital. Using the right procedures to control costs stabilises the budget and limits any unplanned expenditure. 


Machinery & Equipment

Your machines are an expensive resource and need to be out working on the course. A well-planned service schedule that includes preventative maintenance needs to be in place to maximise their working lives and minimise costs whilst prioritising safety. We can advise on a personalised maintenance plan for your fleet that optimises budget whilst maximising performance. 

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