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Matthew Hazelden

General Manager Cottesmore Golf and Country Club

Three years ago I played Ealing GC for the first time. I'd played in professional golf tournaments all over the world including the Open Championship and I can honestly say the greens at Ealing that day were as good as I had ever seen.

I never forgot that experience so when I started as the General Manager at Cottesmore Golf & Country Club 18 months ago I was determined to change the Clubs reputation for slow soft bobbly greens and so I decided to employ Greg as a consultant to help us with achieving our goal, which was to deliver the best greens in Sussex.

Many said it couldn't be done, that we needed to dig up the greens because they were clay push up greens. However seeing Ealing I knew it could be done and I knew I had in Greg a man that was delivering exceptional surfaces against a tide of negativism and scepticism and at an affordable cost.

He developed a plan of action for us and over the last year we have stuck to it and the greens have gone from some of the worst surfaces in the county to some of the best. It is a remarkable turnaround in such a short space of time and without Greg and a team of green keepers who were willing to change and think outside the box we would not have got anywhere near this level of progress.

If you want someone with passion, vision, serious attention to detail and above all someone who will help you deliver exquisite surfaces at an affordable budget look no further than Greg Evans, he is a true pioneer in our industry.

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